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In accordance with Article 7 of the Montreal Protocol - Parties are required to report data on the production, import and export of specified ozone depleting substances covered in the original Protocol and the amendments ratified by that Party. While some chemical specific data is generally treated confidentially, the Protocol calls for country specific information on the production and consumption of classes of ozone depleting substances to be made generally available. That country specific data can be accessed through the tool below. In addition, various provisions of the Protocol or decisions of the parties call for certain other data to be made generally available. Those other classes of data can be accessed through the drop down menu directly under the word "Report" at the top left of the form below. Finally, users can use the data access center to obtain information limited to a specific individual Party by highlighting the party under the heading Parties. Information on groups of parties can be accessed by using the "Groups of Parties" function on the form, or by holding down on the control key and highlighting all of the parties you would like to analyze as a group.

Graphing Option Non-Zero Values only Ignore non reported
Group by  Party  Annex Group Output in ODP Tonnes Metric Tonnes(1)
Include Baseline in the output
Parties Groups of Parties Annex Group:
Article 5
Non-Article 5
EU Members
Eastern Europe
Latin America and the Caribbean
Western Europe and Others
All Groups A/I
Totals Years
Show Individual Parties Totals for Selected Parties or Groups From: to
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(1) This option (Metric Tonnes) does not apply to ODS Consumption, ODS Production or BDN Production Limit which are only available in ODP tonnes. When these reports are selected, the output will always be in ODP tonnes.


  • Select the years and annex group substances from the appropriate boxes above.
  • Select one country, group of countries or all countries from the list of countries in the left box.
    When no country is selected, it is assumed all countries may be included in the output (depending on the grouping selections as described below).
  • If needed, refine your search by specifying any of the following criteria:
    1. Article 5 or Non-Article 5 or both
    2. EC or Non-EC or both
    3. Specific Geographic Regions (fourth column of the second row).
    Selections in these categories will restrict output to countries that meet all the selected criteria. For example, Selecting Non-Article 5 and Asia will return only selected countries from Asia that are not classified as operating under Article 5 of the Montreal Protocol.
  • Select whether you want to provide aggregation totals for the selected Parties or groups of Parties (third row above).
  • Output of quantities will be rounded to a uniform number of decimal places for presentability.
  • Due to variable reporting by the Parties, and the rounding of the the numbers for presentability, the results of the queries may not yield definitive quantities relative to compliance.