The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer

Annex A: Controlled substances

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Group Substance Ozone-Depleting Potential*
Group I
CFCl3 (CFC‑11) 1.0
CF2Cl2 (CFC‑12) 1.0
C2F3Cl3 (CFC‑113) 0.8
C2F4Cl2 (CFC‑114) 1.0
C2F5Cl (CFC‑115) 0.6
Group II
CF2BrCl (halon‑1211) 3.0
CF3Br (halon‑1301) 10.0
C2F4Br2 (halon‑2402) 6.0

* These ozone depleting potentials are estimates based on existing knowledge and will be reviewed and revised periodically.

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